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Kumho Provides Tires for Hyundai’s Solati Limousine

  • Kumho began exclusively supplying 20-inch tires for the vehicle in January. 
  • The company is the first to develop a 20-inch LCV tire with a low aspect ratio of 45.

06 OE Hyundai H350 1024

May 21, 2019 

Kumho Tire (CEO: Jeon Dae-jin) said on Tuesday that it has been exclusively supplying 20-inch OE tires (tires for new vehicles) for the Solati Limousine, Hyundai Motor’s premium minibus.

Launched in 2015, the Solati is a light commercial vehicle (LCV) targeted at the Korean and European markets. It is a semi-hood car, which refers to a vehicle whose engine bay protrudes like that of a passenger car. It is produced in Jeonju, Korea and in Turkey under the model name H350. Boasting a sophisticated design, high-levels of quietness, and a roomy interior, the Solati has enjoyed considerable popularity not only in Korea but elsewhere around the world.

Industry analysists attribute the vehicle’s global popularity to a rich conversion lineup that significantly enhances the models’ usability. Last year, Hyundai worked with SM Entertainment to redesign the vehicle to fit the needs of artists like singers and actors. This collaboration led to the launch of the Solati Moving Hotel, which won Germany’s "Red Dot: Best of the Best" award.

Since January, Kumho has been providing an upgraded version of the Portran KC53 for the Solati Limousine. Designed for LCVs, this steady-selling tire offers greater mileage, prevents abnormal abrasion, and boasts higher durability and handling performance.

The Solati Limousine used to be mounted mostly on 16-inch tires, but Hyundai Motor eventually decided they were too small for the vehicle and predicted a rise in demand for 20-inch tries. This prompted the automaker to ask several tire makers to develop new tires, but many were reluctant to do so due to technological limitations. Only Kumho has been successful in accommodating Hyundai’s needs.

Aware of the need for LCV tires to withstand considerable payloads, Kumho’s development team had to go for a low aspect ratio of 45 to avoid sacrificing ride comfort and fuel economy. By adopting high-strength compounds and carcasses for greater durability, creating a design to prevent patter abrasion, and reinforcing the shoulder section, Kumho became the first in the world to release a 20-inch LCV tire with a low aspect ratio.

“The exclusive offering of 20-inch OE tires for the Solati Limousine is a testament to our continuing technological excellence,” said Lee Younchang, head of the LT Tires Development Team of Kumho Tire, “We will keep developing proprietary technologies to meet the needs of our customers and consumers with the best and most optimum tires in the market.”